1. May 25, 2021  

    Using *1 XP to learn m'y class ?

    Is it a good Idea to learn à new class with XP *1 or fast lvl 80 then learn it will bé thé same ?

  2. May 25, 2021  
    The longer you do something, the better you become at it, so it stands to reason that you will learn your class better[at least mechanically] on slower xp.

    If you take 10 days to level up, the other player levels in 1 day and spends 9 days playing at lvl 80, he will be ahead on certain knowledge by 9 days.

  3. May 25, 2021  
    I'd say level to 80 with x7, learn what you can during the process. Then learn the rest of the class/spec with all of its abilities unlocked.

    Fighting two bears at same time doesn't really teach you how to fight several undead mobs. Or how to fight one big one, with some help, or solo.

  4. May 25, 2021  
    If it's not tank ore healer you can just skip to 80 asp.
    How ever you will learn mutch less then if you lvld up normally.
    Also if you lvl up 1x that class at end becomes like 2nd nature.

  5. May 25, 2021  
    Avagg for exemple if inwant to learn feral drood, if i lvl up in *1 you think ill bé able to play it properly at 80?

  6. May 25, 2021  
    I think you'll be able to play it properly at x7 as long as you bother to read your skills and your talent tree.

  7. May 25, 2021  
    You will have better muscle memory and your fingers might start to know what to press without thinking, but that's doable by playing the same amount of time on lvl 80.

    If you are familiar with the game you wont gain anything much from leveling on x1.

  8. May 26, 2021  
    I think it's on you how fast you can learn a class :D.
    For me if i wanted to learn how to play dps,for sure would need Loooooooong time to be almost bad :'D let alone good.

  9. May 27, 2021  
    Avagg for exemple if inwant to learn feral drood, if i lvl up in *1 you think ill bé able to play it properly at 80?
    Hey, OP, I'd like to ask you something. You said that you want to learn how to play "feral drood". My question might be unnecessary, but do you mean "pve feral cat dps"? I'm asking, because you could ask a hypothetical question, and in reality you could play a different class. But I'll stick to feral cat dps for now, and why you should practise it at lvl 75+:

    1) You don't get all available abilities at lvl 20. If I recall correctly, you get Mangle at lvl 50 (if you put all of your talent points in the feral configuration), Berserk - at lvl 60 (-//-), Clearcasting - lvl 71 (but some players could go for this talent early on and get it as early as lvl 20), Swipe - lvl 73, Savage Roar - lvl 75. So, you don't get to use your full arsenal until later.

    2) Shred is one of the most important combo generating abilities. If you are all alone questing, the mobs will face you, in which case you spam Claw/Mangle. This isn't something you want to remember.

    3) Speaking of learning false patterns, in the endgame Tiger's Fury is used mostly for generating energy. VVhen you acquire it at lvl 20-30, it will only give you additional strength, which you should definitely use at start, i.e. with max energy, in order to enhance all of your abilities and kill mobs as quickly as possible. But once you reach lvl 53, you'll use it when you are starving for energy.

    As you can see, it's better to skip the leveling process, so that you don't learn false patterns by heart, which would only confuse you later.

    [edit] If you want a more newbie-friendly way to learn feral cat's "rotation" (priority list), here's what I propose:

    Spoiler: Show
    1) Mangle
    2) Savage Roar
    3) Rake
    4) Spam Shred
    5) 5 combo points -> Savage Roar
    6) Repeat (refresh mangle and rake only when they are about to expire. Don't clip Rake!)

    once you do this several times, do the following:

    1) Mangle
    2) Savage Roar
    3) Rake
    4) Spam Shred
    5) 5 CPs -> Rip
    6) Shred + Rake ->4/5 CPs -> Savage Roar
    7) Shred + Rake ->5 CPs -> Rip (only if it's about to expire)
    8) Repeat (refresh Mangle, Rake, and Rip only when they are about to expire. Don't clip your bleeds!)

    Pooling energy

    Casting abilities with energy =//= casting spells with mana. Spellcasters have it easier, because their pool is much, much larger than ours, which allows them to burn through their fuel and not worry about mana problems once they obtain better gear. Feral cats are different. Regardless what level we are, what talents we have, or what gear we are wearing - we ALVVAYS replenish 10 energy per second up to a maximum of 100. This means that in some cases you need to save your energy, so that you use it when the time is needed. This means that managing that resource well is of utmost importance.

    Since you are practising utilising only 5 abilities, let's set some rules:

    - if Savage Roar and Rip are active, preserve your energy!
    *Exception - Rake is about to expire. In that case, you can afford to refresh it and gain no combo points in return.

    - if your energy is about to reach the 90 threshold, and neither Rip or SR are about to expire soon, cast Shred or Rake (depending on whether the dot expires).
    *Explanation1 - Since the energy is capped at 100, every second you autoattack passively, you don't regenerate anything, so in a way you lose valuable energy. It's better to cast something even if it doesn't grant you a combo point, so that you make use of your primal resource.
    *Explanation2 - The reason why I said 90 above has to do with Clearcasting. If you get a CC proc at 100 energy, you'll undoubtedly use Shred or Rake, but then you'll trigger a Global Cooldown, which always takes 1 second. In other words, you would lose 10 energy in that case.

    - if Savage Roar is about to expire, and your energy is about to reach 100, wait for it to reach that threshold.
    *Explanation - Savage Roar doesn't consume a Clearcasting proc. So, if you have 100 energy, and you refresh your buff, you'll have 77 (after the GCD) and a CC. Afterwards, you either follow the second tip in the "Pooling energy" category, or you build 5 combo points and refresh Rip (if it's about to expire).

    - if SR and Rip are about to expire at the same time (they both have 12 secs left on their timers):
    -> build 2-3 CPs for SR and refresh it ~4-5 seconds before it expires;
    -> build 5 CPs for Rip and refresh it immediately after it expires.

    once you do this several times, do the following:

    1) Mangle
    2) Savage Roar
    3) Rake
    4) Tiger's Fury
    5) Spam Shred
    6) 5 CPs -> Rip
    7) Shred + Rake ->4/5 CPs -> Savage Roar
    8) Tiger's Fury + Spam Shred + Rake ->5 CPs -> Rip (same thing as above)
    9) Repeat (same thing as above)

    Pooling energy (continuation)

    - Use Tiger's Fury on CD, but never with more than 30 energy.
    *Explanation - 30+60=90 energy. This is the desired threshold to cast an ability, in order to avoid getting screwed by a surprise Clearcasting proc.

    once you do this several times, do the following:

    1) Mangle
    2) Savage Roar
    3) Rake
    4) Shred
    5) Tiger's Fury
    6) Spam Shred
    7) 5 CPs -> Rip
    8) Shred + Rake ->4/5 CPs -> Savage Roar
    9) Important! Keep track of your dots and buffs! If the duration of both Rip and SR is 13/15 or more, Ferocious Bite should be used. If SR or Rip are about to expire, manage your combo points, so that you refresh them. It's ok to refresh SR with 2-3 CPs, but Rip must always be cast with 5 CPs while Savage Roar is active.
    11) Repeat

    Pooling energy (continuation)

    - !!! Ferocious Bite punishes us for pooling our energy. If you read the tooltip, you'll see that it consumes additional energy (up to 30) and translates it into damage. Don't be tricked by this! The damage gain is abysmally small. You are better off casting a 0-CP Shred than casting FB with 65 energy.

    - Regarding to my first tip here, DON'T USE Tiger's Fury and follow up with Ferocious Bite! You'll lose damage in the long run.
    *Exception - The mob is going to die.

    - Regarding to my first tip here, if you have 30 energy, and you get a CC proc, cast a Shred and follow up with a FB.

    once you do this several times, do the following:

    - decide when you want to use your Berserk (at the very start, after the first Savage Roar, or after the first Tiger's Fury)
    - pick an opener from the ones I mentioned above and adapt to it

    Feral AoE:
    - start with Mangle/Rake (this is mostly influenced by your idol)
    - Savage Roar + Tiger's Fury
    - Swipe Swipe Swipe Swipe Swipe Swipe Swipe Swipe Swipe Swipe Swipe Swipe
    - keep Savage Roar up unless the mobs are about to die, then just swipe while being unbuffed
    - check the bonus tip below, if you want to force Clearcastings

    BONUS (the following should be done, when you get more used to playing as a cat)
    - follow your opener;
    - before you engage, use Gift of the wild (if you are attacking dummies, you can use the normal Mark)
    - after Berserk ends, spam Fiery Fire, Barkskin, Nature's Grasp for some juicy Clearcasting procs
    http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=431176 (check halesk70's macro)

    In my opinion, this is how feral's priority list should be learnt. You don't go to a guide and use all abilities at once. New players need to understand what the core patterns are and slowly add more abilities on top, so that they don't screw up. Feral druid "rotation" is like learning a poem by heart. It's hard at first, but when you get used to it, you won't put any effort in remembering which verses, i.e. abilities, come next. It will all happen automatically at one point. However, the hardest thing in playing as a cat is managing your energy well and making quick decisions. The latter is mostly influenced by your CC proc rate and some boss mechanics. In order to keep track of your energy, dots, and buffs as a feral, you need good addons. Personally I use Drood Focus, but other players prefer feralbynight or badkitty. Here's another contribution done by halesk70:

    Also, if you raid seriously, you'll be asked to Rebirth (combat ress, cress, bress) and Innervate other players. For that you need an addon, that shows raid frames. Personally I use grid2, but you need to tweak it a bit. so you could consider downloading something else.
    Edited: May 27, 2021 Reason: correcting grammar mistakes

  10. May 27, 2021  
    Wow Ty for thé Big answer

    Yes i Want to learn feral cat dps

    Espdcislly ty for thé learning path that will help me a lot

  11. May 27, 2021  
    You are most certainly welcome.

    Yesterday I wrote that post before I went to bed, and as a result I forgot to talk about energy pooling. This is a very important aspect regarding the energy management during fights, so I'll add that part a bit later. It will make your training on a dummy a bit harder, but that's why you will practise the most important patterns first, so that you get the basics.

    [EDIT/CONFESSION] Admittedly, I made my guide less newbie-friendly by adding that "Pooling energy" paragraph, but at least you understand what experienced players take into consideration when playing as a feral cat. VVe don't just spam abilities without puting any thought into it.

    For the sake of accuracy, I feel obligated to write the following:

    If you follow my step-by-step learning curve, you'd think that Rip has a bigger priority than Ferocious Bite in general. However, this is only true in cases when your target outlasts dozens of hits before falling dead to the ground. You see, Rip deals more damage than Ferocious Bite only when its full duration ends - this means that your target needs to be alive for at least 22 seconds (which includes the 3 extra ticks from casting 3 shreds), in order to take full damage from that ability.

    Spoiler: Show
    You actually need 10 non-critical ticks/20 seconds or 5 critical ticks/10 secs to deal more damage with Rip. However, that tendency regards people with 100% armour penetration. Reference:


    Your arp will be low at start, so Rip >>> FB.

    If your target dies in, let's say, 10 seconds, then you forget about Rip and bite the enemy instead! The addon TimeToDie serves me well in such cases. It calculates how much time a mob needs to die based on the damage output from your party or raid group. It won't give you concrete information, because some classes (like warriors or hunters) do more damage on targets below <35% health, which will shorten the timer, but regardless you get a general idea of the boss's remaining lifespan and you use it to your advantage. This is another reason why ferals have a "priority list" and not a basic "rotation".

    Again, I've written this only for the sake of accuracy. Right now, the most important part for you is to concentrate on the things I've written in my previous post. Don't try to absorb every single bit of information about feral's game style! Learn the ropes first and then add more advanced tactics to your gameplay!
    Edited: May 27, 2021 Reason: correction

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