1. May 26, 2021  

    Gurubashi Area...

    It can't be that so many hackers get away with it for so long on a server as big as Warmane. Sometimes I see hackers for weeks who are online 5-10 hours a day and are not banned.

    If this server is not interested in doing something against the hackers then open pvp closes. I had previously made some suggestions that you can create an account with an ID card that would deter hackers!

    I used to report the hackers, but today I'm really tired that this server just doesn't do anything.

    I hope this topic is not closed, because the last time I made the suggestion and expressed myself critically because this server is doing too little, I got a ban, which I cannot understand at all.

    If this server doesn't want to hear / see any "problems" then something has to be done. There are also negative experiences in the forum and the server has to deal with it.

  2. May 26, 2021  
    People already don't like sharing their ID with a 3rd party company to verify donations so I can't imagine them wanting to give it to us instead. That would be a spectacular way to kill the server along with the fact we don't have a way to actually verify that any submitted ID is real.

    I've never had issues reporting people for cheating with proper evidence and Blackrock uses a different ban system than the other realms because they can create new accounts so easily. But the forums are a place for players to communicate where the in-game staff almost never visit so unless there's a new exploit that allows regular accounts to enforce bans I don't think you'll find much here.

    Also didn't we just go over this like 7 months ago?

  3. May 26, 2021  
    I don't understand sometimes the server. Banning them won't work since they just re-create a new account and come back 1 hour after they are ban and like Aveqtx said they sit guru 5-10 hours a day and grip people non-stop. You rez and get an instant grip and die, over and over.

    So If banning them doesn't work, Warmane could simply nerf them.

    1. Remove fall damage on guru and put a portal under the map where people will be after being grip under the map
    2. If we fall under the map we get an instant port to guru

    Warmane need to do something cause I saw some people that kept being grip over and over and couldn't play the game. What can a normal player do against a hacker gripping people under the map? Should he also hack so he can kill the hacker?

    Btw it was talked 7 months ago but still no solution, lol?

  4. May 26, 2021  
    Wait, wait. Why ID? Just make each account creation cost some 20$. Way more realistic.

  5. May 26, 2021  
    That thread was answered.

    We don't have GMs all the time or dedicated in our servers that have ten times the population Blackrock does.
    People on those servers still have to make reports, which are verified by GMs, the same way as it happens in Blackrock (assuming people are making reports and not just complaining here).
    But I just asked if it could be somehow patched from being possible in the first place and waiting for a response.

  6. May 26, 2021  
    Ya i know this server dont have gms all the time, but 2-3 weeks same hacker and this EVERY DAY 5-10 hours + ????!!!!

  7. May 26, 2021  
    In my opinion warmane needs to improve their automatic anti-cheat system, otherwise we will always have cheaters in gurubashi and scripters in arena.

    Why is so hard to implement good and reliable automatic cheat-cheat system?

  8. May 26, 2021  
    Preventing it isn't as easy as expected so reports are the only way to go about it right now.

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