1. June 4, 2021  

    Dowloaded MOP from the connect link but when opend it goes to blizzard

    i down loaded the MOP from here but i dont see a "launcher"exe or a "WOW.exe only wow the application

    so apong opening it it takes me to the login page for blizzaed not warmane. then on tring ti check the realmlist,wtf like the instructions say. i cant find it ant where. but the con fig says set relmlist logon warmane. ...

    i just can find the set realmlist,wtf to make sure its set right ....HELP

  2. June 4, 2021  

    FIxed it

    I cop paated my realm list file from my older wow folder. it workes now yay

  3. June 5, 2021  
    Rememeber to always use your username instead of email at the title screen.

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