1. June 5, 2021  

    <Aftermath> recruiting EU Horde

    Howdy folks. EU HORDE Aftermath is recruiting.

    We are a bunch of scrubs who transfered from Alliance to Horde at the end of May, after clearing content, in the hope to find more scrubs like us willing to rush through PVE content, 10 and 25 man most important, and horde has alot of pesky creatures that we can recruit. Many of us used to play Warmane, Retail and other crap servers before and are experienced to this kind of business.
    We raid in a positive environment, with the main purpose to have fun, willing to put skills to the test and much dedication at the same time, with the sole purpose of rushing through content and clearing hardmodes in upcomming Ulduar, while enjoying what this game has to offer.

    We raid Friday and Sunday from 18:30 ST for about 3 hours for our 25 man runs.
    Our loot rulles are: prio on few epics for tanks and healers at the start of fresh raid release in order to boost progression. After that we /roll. We find this to be most fair, no favoritism, less drama loot and brings up excitement durring raids on our crazy discord. We are a team and we will all get loot if we get the job done together.

    What we want from you:
    1. Show up on raids when you sign up, and join raids preferably more then 80% of the time
    2. Have a good attitude, be willing to improove knowledge of youre class and boss fights
    3. Polish youre gier,swords and staffs before comming: best enchants, jewels and pots. Guild will provide flasks.
    4. Respect people you interact with, inside and outside of the guild( if bad talking, then youre walking).
    5. Sense of humour.

    We are looking mainly for shadow priest, boomy/resto dudu, hunters.Ranged dps other exceptional players and people with charisma may poke us ingame or here on forum. /w Xwreck or Wrecks, he has cookies for you.
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