1. June 8, 2021  

    [EU - Horde] Migrationsverket is recruiting new players!

    [H] Frostmourne S2, EU-guild looking for new players to improve our raiding roster, and to help
    our community grow further!


    We are a semi-hardcore guild with a good bit of banter and friendly environment with focus on progression.
    Our loot-system is Loot-council, and our current raidtimes are:

    Thursday+Sunday 19:00-22:00 CET, alternatively in servertime it is: 17:00-20:00.

    At the moment we are open for any application, but some classes/roles that are in priority are:
    -Resto Shaman
    -Feral Tank
    -DK Tank/DPS
    -Enhancement Shaman

    But any application will be considered.

    "What do we expect of you as a player in our raiding team?"

    -To be able to dedicate time for said raiding-schedule, and show up in good time to raids. If you are
    unable to attend a raid, it is your responsibility to contact the Raid-leader or Officers in good time before the raid.
    Should you be unable to join for a raid due to IRL situations etc, this should also be communicated to the leadership of the guild.
    -Be up to speed with your class, tactics, gems and enchants and so forth. Professions is included here.
    -Treat players in the guild with respect, no matter where they are from, who they are as individuals or if they are socials etc.

    Are you interested and looking for a guild with solid leadership and progression, striving to have a blast while going through the
    enjoyable content that is WotLK?

    Feel free to contact me! I am available on Discord, or ingame.

    Discord: Karl#8781
    In-game name: Tonberry/Kurvig.
    Edited: June 8, 2021 Reason: Forgot to add Day to schedule

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