1. I have to confess something. I have a fondness for intrigues. VVhenever I see something scandalous, I can't help but smile knowing how people would react to it.

    Guys, I was wrong. The devs re-enabled the chest loot by giving it a small tweak. Check it for yourselves:

    Honestly, idc if I get banned on the forums for posting this and stirring drama. ****'s too funny to ignore. Though, I will apologise if the devs put the old loot in the chest and just disable it till ToC.
    Edited: June 22, 2021

  2. What? ... lvl 70 items ?? naaa ... this is a bad joke.

  3. Any chance that these lvl70 cloaks will turn into 232ilvl ones ever?

  4. Any chance that these lvl70 cloaks will turn into 232ilvl ones ever?
    Funny enough, yesterday I asked myself the same question. Then I wrote a ticket and received the following response:
    Spoiler: Show
    Tbf, there's a GLIMMER of hope that the cloaks would be buffed. From this post, I understood that GMs are neither involved in making such decisions, nor they have a direct contact with the devs, who do that. However, I wouldn't count on them buffing the cloaks once ToC releases.

  5. Why cant we disenchant the lvl 70 items that drop in the event?

  6. Because event items were never supposed to be DE. It would ruin enchanting market instantly due to hoards of "easy to obtain" rarest materials. Same reason why you can not transmute elementals and gems at your will, only once in 20 hours

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