1. BEWARE scammers Orgrimar

    I have not experienced it on Frostmourne/Outland servers but apparently on Icecrown,

    trade window SCAMMING is a thing:

    Step 1. Player first offered 20[Primordial Saronite] for 7500. --- First move is to establish trust.
    Step 2. put 20x to trade window then "change mind" to 8000
    Step 3. Said ok, 7500, but now put 1x (ONLY ONE) into trade window

    1. Ask for C.O.D. or it is fake.

    DO NOT be lured by price.

    DO NOT trade more than 2-3x items in trade window

    2. The same player keeps yelling in Orgrimar offering 20 [Primordial Saronite], just like nothing happened.

    Now, I was told that admin/GM can actually check trade logs. Is this thing possible?

  2. This is an offense you can report and get the said player banned just by following the instructions on how to do a proper ticket.

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