1. When last patch is finish why not...

    When the last patch is finish why you not give chance to transfer the char to Mist of Pandaria server? I think is good for the players and for you maybe you can get more ppl there like that.

  2. You should post this in Suggestions & Changes section of the forum. And I think that's a good idea.

  3. mop doesnt have the same quality scripting as wotlk and getting to 90 there is extremely fast either way, that's why I think that very little people would choose frostwolf over icecrown if given the chance, however I do think it would be nice if you didnt have to make that choice, but could get a copy of your char to both servers, so you can freely play with it on icecrown, but curious people can check it out on mop and might stick there as the server, in my opinion, is quite enjoyable despite it's issues. really a quite neat idea

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