1. BT25 Man Mother Shahraz Overtuned? (FROSTMOURNE S2)

    Mother Shahraz (BT Timewalking) without Shadow resist is kinda difficult without any shadow resist gear. Is there any way to beat her without shadow resist gear?
    Edited: July 21, 2021

  2. I think she's definitely overtuned. We went in the other day and breezed through most of the fights (wiped once on Gurtogg). Didn't even know what we were doing on reliquary and still one shotted it. Then we hit Mother and wiped about 5 times before calling it.

    Fatal attraction just does way too much damage. I was on the ball with moving when it popped but I literally could not get far enough away before it killed me. The tuning on fatal attraction is just too much damage to survive through. We had VERY few people who could run away fast enough to survive it; mages who blinked, warlocks who had demonic portals were good at it. But some other classes.....every time she used it 3 people (at least) would die.

    As it is, I can't see doing it without shadow resist gear or specific, weird raid comps?

  3. Whole BT25 is a joke, u can clear it in 1h30min; Just time some raid-cooldowns for chains, Dsac / Auramastery.

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