1. Updated good rogue weakaura.

    This new weakaura is a better/more revised version of the one made late november of last year by joaodaspica. Coming from retail I needed to have weakauaras (as I don't use action bars) So I made a weakaura for both sin and combat that works even better than the original. Its not super different from the one joaodaspica made but its imo I couldn't play without it. It has a bigger energy bar , combo points, and replaced spells that shouldn't be on the main aura (like evis) to more useful spells like adrenaline rush (easier on the eyes to swap their spots and just completely remove evis) , it also has killing spree/blade flurry on the main bar and I completely got rid of the anchors / glows as well. I will have a separate sin weakaura that looks exactly like this one. The sin weakaura has envenom in place of rupture, cold blade in place of adrenaline rush, hunger for blood in place of killing spree and overkill in place of blade flurry.
    If your going to use this weakaura while leveling you should un check the talent selected box of the spec your going to play as.

    how the sin weakaura looks : https://imgur.com/wdvoVpE
    how the combat weakaura looks: https://imgur.com/6VdmK0L

    weakaura pastebins
    left group : https://pastebin.com/Q063rRcP
    Right group: https://pastebin.com/fdv3ZMdn
    top group: https://pastebin.com/L74bKNwa
    Sin group : https://pastebin.com/9gLaQEj6
    Combat group: https://pastebin.com/QKxezdKF
    Again big thank you to the orignal weakaura creater joaodaspica whos idea this stemmed from / I built off of.

    Let me know if anything in the weakaura breaks also huge note that this is weakaura is only useable on the same weakaura version that the joaodaspica weakaura was made on.

  2. I have changed your WA a little. I removed Rapture for those who don't use it and replace it with ThoT. Also I replaced some elements with my taste. Also removed deadly poison and blade flurry auras. So if you where looking for the same WA but without rapture here you go


  3. Just wondering why would any1 not want deadly poison on the weakaura? also hope your liking it somewhat I made it fairly quickly with a friend so bound to have a few hiccups

  4. Deadly poison aura is pointless, its gonna stack anyway on your target and there is no point to track it imho.

  5. Well there kinda is. You want to make sure that if the poison is close to falling off you shiv to keep it up.

  6. very good weak aura. but for me when i use the assa auro the cold blood dissapears when on cooldown instead of being grey on cd can someone help me out ?

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