1. What with pug boe res

    I just started playing and don't even have level 80 yet. but in global chat, 99% raid pug is boe res. I understand if it was the specific item ress for an upgrade as a prize for the one hosting. but every boe ress? how can I, as a new player who doesn't even have a friend yet in a game, manage to have gold or joining any raid at all if all pug is boe res and required like 5.6gs


  2. Binds on Equip reservation is common. Don't worry too much about it, there aren't that many BoE items, and most, if not all, can be circumvented.

  3. If you want gold there are 10x better ways to make gold. Hoping to win BOE in a raid is hardly a way to make gold.

    You distinguish yourself by being competent. People will want to play with you if you know what to do. But if you complain about BOEs and GS people will just "eww one of those, lets get someone else".

    All the "reserved" raids are there because people go along with it.

  4. I'd like to add, that RLs have to deal with a lot of dumb **** from some random players (examples: randomly logging off or leaving the raid prematurely, failing easy mechanics despite being told numerous times how to avoid them etc), and they deserve some kind of reward for the lost time and the headache.

    There's a reason why I don't want to lead raids, and that's the BS of some globals.

    [edit] Also, some people might have acquired all the necessary gear-pieces from the normal raids, and for that reason they don't want to reserve specific items. EIther that or they don't care about them that much.
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  5. get professions>farm mats>sell them for gold + quests at end (gold is x3) and if you don't like resd boes/primos etc. in pug raids well you can always make one no one is forcing you to join them...

  6. btw, leading a PUG in warmane is a real pain so its totaly fine to let the BOE to the RL that has to deal with all the society ****

  7. i see, so its not that unfair.. i can see that, sorry I just play wow, thank you for the inputs

  8. As someone who leads a multiple of ICC 25 8/12s a week with a discord server which sometimes have pugs from global, we reserve boe's because it funds our guild bank which we in return put back into our raids for **** like fish feasts, drums, flasks, enchants and gems for guild members etc. Only time people actually need said boes from raids is when they are making new toons and then they can buy it off us at a discount which then goes back into the guild bank for funding the above.

    As for pure pug runs that are formed exlusively from global.. Then you are better of contemplating suicide rather then joining a full pug run from global.
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