1. Returning to Warmane, what DPS should I play?

    Hello everyone. I am returning to Warmane and interested in making a new character on Icecrown. What class/spec and professions would you recommend for someone interested in playing a DPS in raids? I played a Holy Paladin before, but I want to switch it up. What classes/specs are in demand, I am not the type of player wanting to be #1 on the damage meter, so a class that is useful utility wise would work for me, but if what groups are looking for are the high damage specs then I would enjoy playing that. Thanks!

  2. Check out guild recruitment pages, they usually post specs that are in demand for recruitment.

  3. A good Retri goes a long way.

    What class/spec you should choose, well.. There's no guarantee you get to raid with X,Y,Z specs more than on A,B,C. It changes all the time, based on who logs and when, and who is saved on what.

    We could recommend most of the RDPS and heal classes, as there are a lot of melees. Such as Shadow, Boomy, Demo, Affliction..

    Ask yourself if you want to play melee or range. Then ask yourself if you want more rotation, proc, mix (whatever comes off CD, or procs) based gameplay.

  4. I'd recommend Moonkin as they're always in demand for their crowd control and damage. Guilds lean more heavy with ranged dps in their groups and you usually want a class that can offspec heal or tank to get into dungeon groups instantly as well as increase your chance of getting into raid itself

  5. Not sure if its still a thing but demonology warlock was very sort after because the demonic pact buff they offered to raids for pugs but affli warlocks are just dps machines.

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