1. Advice for fresh character coin trading?

    Which fresh 80 class do sell the most for coins?
    What professions and boes, or any particulat thing do people usually want?

  2. Proff(s):
    BS/JC/Engineering > rest.

    The more the merrier.

    ICC legs and boots
    ToC chest and wrists
    Other slots that have class/spec suited BoE's.

    Doesn't probably matter as much as you'd think. Classes good in PvE and PvP could be more desired, or better yet if they're good in both.

    Quality of Life/Nice stuff:
    Artisan Flying

  3. I want to add that secondary profs maxed are a great boost to your chances(and are fast to skill up or buy a boost for cooking)

  4. Most bought are level 19 twinks or chars with some ulduar boes,etc. They sell real good.

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