1. Im scammed.

    Last night, between 11 and 12 pm Hungarian time, I agreed with a guy to buy his port for 750 gold and send it by post. The next day half past 1 I suddenly took it out of the post office and what I didnít expect I didnít get what I promised but just an object with the same picture.
    the advertised item is one: Wodin's Lucky Necklace
    and what I got: squashed rabbit carcass
    750 gold was unfortunate for me this minus I hope you can look back on things and start some sort of procedure.


    See the arrived bad item in this picture.

  2. Sadly you wont get anything back.

    All you can do is create a report with all the necessary things, and if that's enough the scammer will get banned.

  3. Okay the only problem is that i didn't think it meant that much to 750 gold and unfortunately no screenshots were taken. So I ask that these things maybe admins can’t look back on like emails and whisper chat?
    Where can I report?

  4. If that's the only screenshot you have of the trade nothing will happen.
    Here's what you need to properly report a scammer: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread....=1#post2651921
    Admins can't look into e-mail and whisper chat since such history isn't stored anywhere afaik.

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