1. 4 Weeks Ago  

    [H] New guild progression

    I'm one of those players that has a hard time doing raids due to most guilds only starting at 18:00 server time which is very impossible for me to do other than Monday.
    It's been a few weeks of trying to gear up but on pick-up groups has been very troublesome to progress as you can imagine. I'm thinking of starting a guild with raids starting at 13:00 server time, which is usually after lunch on most European countries and that time suits me. With raid times like this we could progress in 3 to 5 hours max and continue after a break of 1 day, as to avoid burnout.
    We would be starting to progress with Naxxramas 10 as to prepare the group and if enough people show up, Naxxramas 25/OS/EoE.

    The goal is to allow players that didn't play at server launch to catch-up to the current content which is Ulduar and to give a home to those that want to raid but can't join any of the already progressed and established guilds.

    If you're Interested, please post your class, specialization/role and some observations if you got any. I'm not asking for anything else such as gearscore because it's fairly easy to get raid ready, what isn't easy is to get a committed group of players to progress. If you're easily tilted, salty and are here just for the loot, you'll be quickly replaced so don't waste your time. The group can get experience by playing so don't shy away if you're anxious about raiding, we all learn! What's important is to have people willing to wipe and try again until success happens.

    Even though I'm not aiming for hardcore, I do expect people to be on their best such as gemmed, enchanted and have at least a general idea of the fights and their class/specs. There's tons of information on the internet so go and study. You heard it, study.

    Hope to see you soon and have a great day!

  2. 3 Weeks Ago  
    This time works perfectly for me as I live in Asia (originally from Canada)

    Disc priest (Shadow Offspec)
    Done all of the raids in retail (back in ~2008 or so)

    Hope to be a part of the group! :D

  3. 2 Weeks Ago  
    I'd be interested. Is there a way to contact you ingame? Let me know

  4. 1 Week Ago  
    Hello, I am a Holy pala player new to warmane and WotLK with my 2 friends we are leveling currently but would like to join your guild for endgame stuff
    as we are from Asia and these timing suit us better even if u take the raid times a few hours ahead we will be able to join you in raiding.

  5. 1 Week Ago  
    Hi, is there a discord or in-game way of talking? I'd like to know some more :)

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