1. Mage stats ratio

    I'm currently 5.9k mage and am having problems with my dps. After I reached 5k my dps reduced drastically. I have no idea why. I think it was my stats but I don't know how much sp, haste, crit I need in this gs

  2. What spec do you play?
    Can you maybe provide a name or armory link so we can check out the gear?

  3. first thing first, as caster u need to have 8% as arcane, 14% as fire and 11% as frost. everything else is from gear and gems

    arcane = 8%hit > items with spell power >haste > crit
    fire = 14% hit > sp > crit > haste / spirit
    frost = 11% hit > sp> haste > crit

  4. For starters, dont play frost/arcane.

  5. You need a lot of haste and crit. You're probably gearing yourself via pugs so you have a lot of spirit or items with absolutely no haste.

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