1. My pjs are in S1

    Hello everyone, I play again after a few months and I see that my pjs are in season1 in the control panel and when I login the game I do not have any pj to choose.
    I don't know if when changing the seasson I lost my characters forever or if something needs to be done to activate them again.
    I have searched on the subject on the forum and I have not seen anything about it, if you can give me some information I appreciate it :)

  2. When a season ends, old characters can be moved to "Icecrown realm"

    So you need to "manually" move them to Icecrown realm:
    https://www.warmane.com/account > service
    Select "Frostmourne - S1" as realm

    (charatcers below level 10 can NOT be moved)

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