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    (A) Prime (EN/International)

    Screenshot taken from a previous WoTLK private server

    About us

    Prime, originally a small group of Quebecers and a Belgian guy who met on a TBC private server many, many years ago. Now, a bunch of good friends from all over the world, raiding together on numerous expansions, is recruiting to have some fun in WoTLK and relive some good ol' days after being disappointed by Shadowlands.

    What can you expect from us?

    Fun. Lots of it. We're hoping to progress together through content in a relaxed atmosphere. Most us are fresh 80/very close to 80, so people looking to farm heroics and do entry level raids especially are more than welcome! We like to get things done, but the main priority is keeping it laid-back.

    What do we expect from you?

    Just don't be a ****ty person, don't be racist and whatnot. We can deal with dark humor but everything has its' limits. We expect people to show up to raids on time, and to let us know in advance if they cannot make it. Come to raids prepared with enchanted, gemmed gear & consumables for the night. Use common sense when it comes to loot distribution, just basic decency! Avoid starting drama.

    What do we need?

    We are mostly in need of DPS:

    Enhance Shaman
    Demo/Affli Lock
    Frost DK

    Those are our priorities, but anyone interested can of course give it a shot. We may be able to switch some specs around etc... People able to dual-spec are especially in demand. Socials are also more than welcome!

    Raid times & Loot rules

    We are an international guild, therefore we had to find compromises This is our schedule that has been working for a while.

    Wednesday 6pm EST (10pm Server Time)
    Sunday 1pm EST (5pm Server Time)

    We usually raid for 3 hours, sometimes 4 if everybody is able to stay a bit longer on Sundays.

    We will be rolling out 90% of items (MS > OS, with of course common sense in stat priorities ) & Loot council on big items (certain trinkets/weapons/huge BiS items). We try to do it in the most fair way possible.

    Interested? Sounds like a good time? Have questions? Then either whisper Smashval ingame or DM via Discord (Smashval#7557 or /who Prime and ask for an officer! Looking forward to hear from you :)

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    Bump! Actively looking for mostly ranged DPS! - Will accept any application though - Feel free to contact me :)

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    Bump! Still looking for:

    Affli Lock
    Frost DK

    Might have room for (our players can change spec accordingly):

    Resto Druid
    Resto Sham
    Enhance Sham

    Will look into anyone's application though :)

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