1. Whats in demand at this server?

    Just rerolled here from Icecrown

    I want to do heals and is currently choosing between holy paladin and priest. Leaning more towards priest at the moment.

    Just wanted to see whats up with this server.

    A quick glance over the recruitment it seems dps is most wanted, which surprised me - how come that is?

    What's else is in demand and what's popular here?

  2. Tanks: Pala, DK, mby Feral bear [in ToC, people will need pala and warr with block gear]

    Healers: any (except mby holy priest; that spec is mostly good on XT hm)

    DPS: Ranged (especially warlocks, spriests, hunters), Rogues. The reason for the preference of the rdps is because most bosses benefit them a lot.

    • On Hodir, ranged deal extra damage thx to the flame debuffs (I think that dks and rogues also benefit from them).
    • On Thorim, you want to have as few melees as possible due to the Chain Lightnings.
    • On Iron Council, you need a hunter with a brain to get the buff and deal extra damage to the boss.
    • On Freya, you need either a boomie or an ele shaman to typhoon the detonaning lashers before they die and a hunter to kite the snaplasher.
    • On Vezax, you mostly need ranged dps. Mdps deal less damage than them and are only good as kickers.
    • On Algalon, you need a shadow priest for disperse (it's also possible to make a tank use defensives for the Big Bangs, but that person would be quite vulnerable to Algalon's attacks).
    • Affli Locks are busted.

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