1. Not an MS item

    I had raid on ICC25 and i had lost my Chest Biss as mage im Innbox, who won the roll was a Shamy Elemental called Torrboll who roll as a MS, which i dont think that its right an MS roll, the chest is Cloth im wrong if im claiming this as unfair? The leader give him. And i asked him gently to give me the chest but he didnt accept that i want to know if this is ok or not. I Add the Images of the conversation and the Item.
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  2. You are wrong.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with a caster or healer spec of any class rolling and getting a cloth item with the appropriate stats. Just because a shaman can equip mail doesn't mean they must. The advantage of wearing plate, mail or leather instead of cloth is more armor, but as a dps in a raid that is not really a priority.

    Also you shouldn't be posting this kind of stuff in the forums.

  3. To be honest, isn't fair that plate and mail "can" roll on cloth just because are better or have same stats as mail, plate.
    Doing that, cloth users will have lower change to get a cloth item, comparted to a plate user that "can" roll on plate, mail, leather, cloth.
    Thinking in terms of stats, it has a certain logic.
    Thinking in terms of time, wasted times, cloth users will require more time than plate, mail users to get their gear.
    But, if it is all about "stats", that show how wrong people think and how "hardcore" they think they are for searching forums with "bis" items.

    I don't think it's wrong that people would think about others irl time from time to time.

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