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    Hello everyone. I'm looking for some answers about my new character. I wanted to try tanking and healing (came up with a healer as last character), but i'm realizing they are not my daily bread, so i'm thinking of returning to my "historical" DPS role. Problem is that on Lordaeron in 99% of cases you are kind of restricted to specific build/roles that are not comntemplated in any way in 10 man raids especially. Now i would like to do a roundup of all dps choices so that i can have the best possible advice on which dps class/spec to choose:

    DK: this is maybe the most intriguing part. I always played other classes, never really tried DK. Would like to play UH but most of the times i head that DK kinda must be blood to give raid any utility
    Druid: played boomie for past 2 years, that's a no-no, i want something new
    Hunter: this is tricky. I know MM is the best and only way to play, but i'm in love with BM and i always here "BM is s**t"
    Mage: just too many already
    Pala (retri): as above
    Priest: never played shadow priest, maybe same thing as DK?
    Rogue: just not many raid spots
    Shaman: here is same thing as hunter. You will only hear: shaman dps is only enha. Problem is i like more elemental
    Lock: same as hunter and shaman. "Lock is only demo", but i want to play affli
    War: same as rogue

    So how can i solve my issue? Can anyone please give some intelligent answer and avoid trolling and trash talking answers please? Because this is an important matter to me. Thanks to all who will answer properly and sincerely. Have a nice day everyone

  2. I'm not sure I totally understood what you want and mean. but I figured you like to play some specs which are not so wanted in raids. well in hardcore high-end raids maybe that's true but when a raid is not that much competitive you always can play the spec you want and have fun with it, specially in pugs.
    many raids can't find a demo lock so in that case elemental shaman buff can be helpful. also when a raid has all the buffs and need just rdps you can fill that void. about affliction Lock it's doesn't give the unique buff demo does but it gives every buff/debuff a mage does plus some utilities like soulstone.
    classes you said too many (ret/mage) I don't agree much, demand for them is good enough. shadow priest and mm hunter are very welcome in any 10 or 25 raids. about other melee dps it's a bit difficult to find spot for dk dps and warrior but rogue demand is ok.

  3. I figured you like to play some specs which are not so wanted in raids
    I want exactly this

    specially in pugs
    My experience tells me exactly this opposite. Imagine being an affli lock whispering for raid spot, usual answer is: you're not demo. I would like to try something different, not the same comp, same build, same spec, but Lordaeron "elitarian rules" impede and inhibit me

  4. DK: Too many of them. Both Frost and Unholy are viable for raids. Blood is the best tank of all DK specs so that's why people require a Blood (for tanking). With Blood DK you'll often find a Frost one in DPS role if the tank one isn't double buff hybrid. Unholy doesn't really bring anything new to the table that other classes can't provide.
    Druid: Boomie higly in demand, feral sometimes in 25 man raids. Feral scales very very well with gear so you won't be taken to raids very often until you're like 6k when you'll start pulling great numbers. There's lot of depth to feral DPS from my impressions.
    Hunter: As you said, MM is king. BM doesn't scale that well with gear and doesn't really have good gear choices later in the game as opposed to MM that stacks up on Arp and ****s on other 2 specs.
    Mage: Never too many mages. RDPS are always in demand.
    Pala: Too many as you said.
    Priest: Always wanted as RDPS slot. Nobody really plays them but they're decent DPS when learned how to play.
    Rogue: Correct, one rogue is often more than enough purely for ToT though their DPS is good later.
    Shaman: While it's true that it has 2 DPS specs, they're both subpar to all other DPS roles and as such they're taken only (or most often) as healers in raids. Why take an Ele that'll pull 7k when you can take a mage that pulls 9k?
    Lock: Always wanted as RDPS slot. Mostly because of the SP buff from Demo though Affli climbs to top of the chart when near BiS.
    Warrior: Too many of them. Everyone plays them. While it's true they're some of the biggest DPS in the xpac there's really no reason to having more than one of them in a group (buff-wise).

    Lordaeron is centered around BiS builds whether you like it or not because of higher difficulty that doesn't allow "useless" specs to waste raid slots in groups. If you want to play something that's not the best the class has to offer there's no point in playing on Lordaeron IMO. Switch to Icecrown if non BiS builds are your thing.

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