1. 4 Weeks Ago  

    Scammer !


    I'm new on warmane, i came in this server after played a lot on an prévious one. I've got all charecters with all race / classes , gear etc ...

    I just start the game and see people told that he was selling coin cause he'll stop the game etc .. I jump on the opportunity, the guy add me on discord and

    me all his information as proove. After a long long conversation , i finally give him 100 Euros card in exchange of 340 coins of course i haven't get the coin ...

    My bad .. But If A MJ or a warmane staff can add me , i've got all his information verified name of compte, email ( i've sent it an email and he answer me ) ,

    and everything of the conversation if needed .. So you can trace him and ban his ip and empty all his count of the coin he get on it .. That will be one

    scammer left in warmane !

    Let make thing better for new player like me who dunno how ****ed up the community of this server is... I've seen that guy spam message in global all day

    and don't get mute or ban so i think it was real ..

    Just contact me that i can give u all u need to catch that guy ^^ He will probably gonna try to gift all his coins to his other account to secure them so try to be fast !!

    Cordialy, and thanks for the big welcome in warmane x)

  2. 4 Weeks Ago  
    Rename yourself. You call yourself smart, but you fell for the most obvious scam there is.

    Sure, submit all the evidence to [email protected] although, almost all of it is probably faked anyway (account name, coins etc. etc.) and email is probably some throwaway email. Discord name is probably a throwaway.

    On top of it, do know you were trying to purchase coins from 3rd party, which is against Warmane's rules. Good luck to you, smart.

  3. 4 Weeks Ago  
    Why did you not educate yourself on how to get coins if you're new here?
    Only way to get coins is through donating. Every dude offering them in-game is a scammer and tbh you deserve to get ripped off if a first thing you think off is not thinking at all.

    Learn how to report here: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=325598

  4. 4 Weeks Ago  
    Sorry, but you deserved it.
    You claim how "spoiled" community is, yet it is you who goes for RMT outside of Warmane system.
    Sure, it's very comfortable to say such things, when you aim to do so from very start. And how you ignore fact that scammers are everywhere!
    And everything is stated in rules and mentiined on pinned posts on forum, yet ppl like keep trying to deceive Warmane and play victim card afterwards

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