1. Arms vs Fury AoE dmg

    Which spec do you think deals the most AoE dmg in BiS gear when we assume that 4 mobs are attacked for ~1 min.
    Fury with Bloodthirst and cleave or Arms with sweeping strikes, cleave and Bladestorm?

  2. fun fact: you can use whirlwind as an arms warriors as well , just swap to berserker stance lol
    this should be enough to answer your question, arms ofc xd

  3. Good point but Whirlwind deals less dmg as Arms.

  4. Main aoe damage from Arms comes from Thunderclap, Sweeping strikes, Cleave and BS. And you need to spec Incite and improved Thunderclap. My prediction - Arms will do more damage, assuming he knows what he`s doing.

  5. Main aoe damage from Arms comes from Thunderclap, Sweeping strikes, Cleave and BS. And you need to spec Incite and improved Thunderclap. My prediction - Arms will do more damage, assuming he knows what he`s doing.
    Sounds plausible.
    Would be funny to have a Arms OS just for that purpose. On the other hand you'll probably steal the Tanks aggro when spamming Thunderclap...

  6. Incite Arms even without Thunderclap talent deals immense AoE dmg. And yes, without heavily geared tank or/and rogue/hunter for MD, Arms will be #1 threat just due his kit and no aggro reduction talents. From other side, it is one of most fun-2-olay specs in 5-man dungeons

  7. If we are talking about best in slot warriors, I think that AFTER 1 MINUTE, Fury will be at the top (people tend to forget how good Fury is at Cleaving stuff down).

    Bladestorm can be used only once within that 1 minute, Sweeping Strikes 2 times, and Whirlwind has to be used perfectly well (the rest of the rotation also to be honest) since you have max 3 Cleaves before you have to stop Cleaving and start hoping you get a Critical Hit for full rage.

    Death Wish is also a nice little cooldown people forgot (if you can use Bladestorm why cant you use Death Wish), and the highest up side of a Fury Warrior AoE is constant off hand 100% chance to hit.
    If you are attacking "non-boss" targets, there is almost 99% that you wont ever rage starve and be able to Cleave freely without stopping for that 1 whole minute.

    If we are talking about Cleaving for "a bit longer" period of time, Fury has no equal in WotLK.
    If we are talking about a small window of burst, where you need to melt 4 targets asap, Arms is a spec for you.

    P.S. I will try to do some Cleaving in Org these days (since I only have small openings of free time during the day, just enough for this shenanigans) with Arms, and try to beat ~140k damage I did for multiple attempts constantly as Fury with Death Wish at start.
    I tried Arms couple of times but I failed really hard to keep Rend on every target, watch my Cleave and rage ratio, and WW before I use all my Rage, which is why I think in the end, Fury will still be on top, because if Arms manages to get to ~140k damage after 1 minute, it will be with a flawless rotation that you most likely wont ever have in a raid scenario, while Fury was just chilling in Zerk stance spamming Cleave...

  8. @Gnimo
    In 2-3 target fight, Fury wins without doubt. But when it is 4+, Arms have upper hand due to his TClap crit and Deep Wound spread via it and BS + SS combo.
    Now about rotation. I would suggest you not use SS + HS, cuz SS just mirrors dmg from your attack, it is not cleave > it can not crit > no Deep Wounds. So i'd stick to just Cleave over SS+HS. To make it a bit more raid-like and help Arms, you can ask Rdudu to keep one HoT on you for rage generation.
    TBF, chances of Arms to beat Fury in such (4 target) encounter are not so high, but Arms can come very close due to him not being so dependant from stance > mixing WW with higher total crit + 10% bonus of constant enrage and no penalty will help a lot

  9. Well, I tried Arms in raids, and there are not many Restro druids as a whole, even less those who are willing to support an Arms warrior over other classes in the raid. :D

    Regardless, even tho its not considered "AoE damage", off hand constant hits are a big chunk of damage done for Fury with Bloodthirst and Slam.
    Arms does not have the luxury to go for Mortal Strike for example or Slams due to lack of rage from off hand hits.
    On top of that Arms, does not have Flurry which in the end results in far more Cleaves.
    So far, in all attempts I made, Cleave as Cleave did far more damage on Fury than on Arms, ESPECIALLY if those auto attack hits are not 100 rage only.

    To be honest, there are no extra benefits to Arms warrior when it comes to AoE for an extended period of time.
    Bladestorm is a long cooldown, Sweeping Strike is not that great to be honest (5-8% total damage done) so far , and Thunder Clap wont always crit.

    From my point of view, if you want to Cleave for extended period of time, regardless of how many targets, you want to go for Fury.
    If you want to Bladestorm, well, be prepared to do almost no damage in comparison to Fury everywhere else.
    I mean, Arms aint bad, but when you compare it to Fury overall, it is bad (every DPS spec in the game is to be honest). :D

    Seems like that WITHOUT Death Wish and WITH Bladestorm and Sweeping Strikes they are on par if Arms does a perfect rotation. :D
    Also, if someone has some other evidence or advices how can I improve on my Arms AoE pew pew, feel free to fill me in.
    Edited: October 21, 2021

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