1. I need help with gearing up, and yes i know there are a million posts about it


    I am a fresh level 80 warrior.
    Milekurcina on Icecrown

    My current gs is 2.2k, and i am genuinely lost on how i should gear up.
    I am currently spec'd into arms, just because everyone keeps saying fury sucks without gear, so at the moment i am an arms warrior with basic green gear from Northrend quests and a few blue pieces from rdf.
    I know the basic gist of transitioning into fury warrior, the 8% hit rate, 100% armor pen etc. etc...
    But what gear, more precicely which pieces should i look for when im trying to get into HC dungeons?
    Do i keep playing arms until i start the raid ready gear grind, or do i slowly try and transition into fury warrior?
    Or do i just focus on getting my GS up no matter the pieces im wearing (obviously still prioritising strength as my main stat since hit/expertise/armor pen is kind of hard to come by at thsi point) ?

    Any advice would useful, especially if anyone can just straight up tell me which pieces to hunt for instead of giving the generic answer every guide gives, along the lines of JuSt Get Ur GeAr ScOre Up, FoS POs AsAp, hurr durr

    Am i looking too much into this too early on? I am genuinely lost.

  2. Sorry, but there is not so much of a choice for you. It's all down to stats on items.
    So yes, grab plate with crit + arp + hit/expertise and stick with execute spec.
    With T9 and T10 4 pieces sets being your mandatory, there is not much choice left for any other gear parts.
    If you have gold, you can get nice things like lvl 245 bracers and lvl 264 boots from Blacksmithing profession. 264 Legguards might be questionable for you due to them taking important slot of Tier armor with expertise, which will force you to use other item or two with expertise or waste gems for constant re-gemming (it will cost a lot due to such gem being red)

  3. JuSt Get Ur GeAr ScOre Up, that's literally it.

    Get whatever items you can to be able to que RDFHC. Get cheap blues or even greens(178 ilvl). Grind up Northrend reps, some nice items there to boost you. Take even leather items with atk power, if those give you ilvl boost to be able to que.
    Drop the worry about arp and whatever. Try to reach as close as you can to hit and exp caps. Arms or fury, will not matter much.

    Just grind EOT's, when you got T9 and stuff, cap your exp and hit and look for raids.

  4. if your goal is to speed up gearing procees then you should do this.

    You can trick the system of RDF, equip whatever gear that gives you most GS from AH so you can queue better RDF hc, once youre called to RDF you can equip the gear with proper stats.

    Go AH and buy cheap BoEs like chainmail legs that drop on icc, blues that give spell power but require lvl 80 to be equiped, it doesnt matter if these are plate or cloth, just go for GS to unlock better RDFs. About 1k gold will get you to 3.5k gs, ive done it with about 3000g and i got instant 4.1k gs just from AH.

    At the same time you go to RDF you can farm rep to buy epic or blue pieces from vendors that are STR/Plate pieces.

    Once you have those semi good gear you can go spec PROT for instant RDF queues (tanks almost every single time have instant calls on RDF queue)

    You get better tank pieces from RDF itself so save emblems for fury T9.

    I did this on my DK as experiment and i got to 5.5k gs in about 6 hours from lvl 80.

    Another thing you can do is also talk to ppl hosting lesser raids like TOC25 to get invited without lying. hint them with your knowedge of the raid and tell them youre low GS but you know how to do the raid with proof (nobody believe the "i know the raid just trust me") instead, just go for something like this: Hey yo man, im gearing up this new warrior but i know how to play it, ill be the sunder whore during the raid, CS will never run off, if a mage gets agro i will intervene him to lower it, ill constantly stun/interrupt casters at faction champions, i may not do best dps due to my low gear but if you invite me as utility/support i wont let you down.

    I did that on all my chars (i have all classes) and always got invited with garbage GS because somebody got to do those **** jobs for the greater good (raid succes) so any raid leader will be happy to take you if you show some knowedge of the raid and tell them youre willing to do the jobs that nobody want to do.

  5. you should ignore all the above and go straight to FoS // PoS n. grinding reps ? use tabard... boes ? too expensive... why pay for gear when its free?
    another thing wich helps is get 1k achieves points, then start collecting "vote points" from website. those will reward you with i239 lvl wep. right now BREWFEST is going on, do that every single day to get free eof, and gold. there is a chance you can get two tankard o terror, i226 lvl weps from it. grind eots, then buy HEAD
    chest is BoE, legs is BoE or Voa, hands is VoA drop. now how to get gold as fwar ? eeasy just go blacksmith, buy toc patterns and sell...

  6. i'll be honest. i havent even bothered to read the posts above. having said so, this is my advice:

    1st- you can go fury once you get 2 2h weapons, before that its not really an option.
    2nd- you can make groups and go straight for fos-pos farms, assuming people joins. if not, you can allways do quest for the gold and rep, and use those to buy boes or rep gear.
    3rd- rdf hc is a MUST at least once a day. you'll need to get t10 as soon as possible. however, if you prefer to grind fos-pos for EoTs, then dont do rdf more than once a day. you do need EoTs for t9 if you're going for it, however, i'd rather skip that and go for t10 right away (use the EoTs for head and shoulder from dalaran vendor if you want, or ring/trinket/range weapon if you dont have any other choice. However, keep in mind ALL these items are basically useless for warr once you step into ICC)
    4th- there are 2 things you will want to focus on: weapons and trinkets. as a fury warrior, you NEED good weapons to boost your dps, and trinkets help you a lot as well. fos-pos weapons are decently good, but getting your hands in a toc 25 one or even ulduar 25 ones (vote points i guess?) is better. on what trinkets refer, there's only 1 you need to farm: the banner from toc5. you wont change the banner until you get BOTH dbw AND sts, so getting your hands on that one is a must

    other than that, you can do preety much whatever you like and ENJOY the most. some people dont like farming fos-pos all day, so they rather do rdf to farm EoTs. some prefer to farm gold and buy BoEs and some other like to get carried on toc10, toc25 or straight up icc. thats up to you.

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