1. Pre-pots and potions for fury

    Hello! Help me find the answer. Which pre-pot and pot is best?
    A friend says it's best to use "indestructible potion", because in combination with "Armored to the Teeth (3/3)" the warrior receives 102 attack power + reduces physical damage by 4.35% for 2 minutes at the beginning of the battle (pre-pot), and for another 2 minutes during the battle. This is an increase for almost the entire boss fight.
    So the question is: which will be better? "potion of speed" for 30 seconds in battle (15 + 15)? "Insane Strength Potion" which gives +120 strength for 30 seconds? Or "indestructible potion?

  2. Idealy, you'd go with armor pot 61 second before pull > insane strenght potion before pull > armor pot during fight. But it is possible only few bosses (waste of time - waiting 60 seconds for potions to kill boss 1-2 seconds faster)

  3. as was said above, the "ideal" prepot is using an indstructible potion 1 min before the pull and a potion of speed right before it. However, its quite hard (and sometimes ineficient) to do on some bosses.

    if you have to choose between them, here are a few tips:

    armor prepot:
    gives AP, which increases EVERY atack damage (both BASIC atacks and SPELLS). it lasts 2 mins, which makes it good to sustain DPS, and, if the fight is short enough, you can have the effect for the entire fight (for fights that last 4 mins or less). however, if you need high burst or if you cant dps after a while (sindra air phase for example) then the effect is not as optimal. Also, if the boss is extremely fast, and dies before 2 mins (10nm boss on full BiS raid for example) then you wont get full value of the pot (however, who wastes a prepot on a 10nm fight? xD)

    haste prepot:
    gives haste, which increases the BASIC ATACK SPEED. this means we will SWING faster. however, because HEROIC STRIKE and CLEAVE are casted on MELEE SWING, that means we'll be able to spam more of those!. Haste prepot is best used when you need a high burst right at the start of the fight, when you cant dps the boss for 2 mins straight (again, sindy, or pp nm for example) or when the boss will die extremely quick.

  4. pots managment highly depends on current encounter and current gear.

    In most cases(also cheapest) enough to use armor prepot and armor pot later(4-6 minutes encounters)

    Also, depends on BL\Heroism timing: If this cooldown used on start, haste prepot would be best option.

    Also note, that insane strengh pot better with lower gear, but with stats and weapon damage increase, 120 str will be much worse than 500 haste. maximum benefit will come out with the use of the pot during death wish + trinkets. (obviously)

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