1. Acount Recovery

    Hello. GameMaster. I came back to play world of warcraft after pause 2years. And i think my account was stolen. and i can't receive my account back. Can you send me code or something i can take it back ? Please i was donated very much spend my money for this game and for you warmane server becouze it was my all best char ever my life was spend tho this character.

  2. you should remove your email from this post and contact [email protected].
    But know account security is your own problem.

  3. Just do what Keymouse8800 said, dont try to recover your account in a public forum thread.
    Write a ticket, and prepare to wait 8-48 hours.
    They will ask you for some info about the account, make sure you know it all. Like the last digits of the card/paypal you used to buy currency, your IP, login/forum name, date you created the account, et cetera.

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