1. My feelings on 2 months of playing

    Hey! I'm Lino, most people call me like that. I started playing on July and it has been quite a journey. I joined with a friend searching for something new to do, I was main hpally alliance but went for a prot war horde, and it fastly became my main game once again.

    I took my time, leveled while getting smithing, even reaching 1.5k gold before hitting Outland, saw achievement in chat when people completed Ulduar first time and got 80 that same day. I had no idea how to gear, so I queued rdf normal for a week then found a nice Pre-raid BIS guide, left my guild because they were not active, and made one myself. <Totems de Thrall> (or Thrall's Totems) yeah a good name, thought about it for a couple hours.

    Found a pretty experienced guy that is teaching me things, made some alters and leveled up more professions, guild hit 100 players last week, about 18 players online max. Got to Ulduar and did 2 bosses, still learning Naxx and completed an OS25 2D.

    I speak spanish, so do my guildies, but I've talked with many english speaking people. Ran into some drama about loot a couple times, I was pretty nervous because you know, I don't want to get banned or anything, I'm just playing the game and participating.

    Overall I like the server, I think I'll miss it when it's done, I don't want to play Icecrown tho. This is probably the last time I'll play WoTLK and I'm really happy right now.

    If you wanna talk to me this are my characters: Linoacetyd, Apostrophe, Quotes, Dieresis

    Suerte en Azeroth :D
    Edited: September 15, 2021

  2. You can just join the new Frostmourne season when it begins, no one is forcing you to join icecrown afterwards, but all the info is there, you knew what you are joining as in a seasonal realm :)

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