1. My friend Zane

    I'm looking for my friend Zane, we used to play on the old Warmane PvP cataclysm server and we had a lot of 2v2 fun, best Warrrior I ever saw.

    We lost sight of each other at some point in 2015-2016 and I thought I'd never see him again but he recognized me a year later in a random BG in a random cataclysm server(how likely ? it's was low level BG's so we had to be in the same level range to meet plus he had a different name but I fortunately kept mine so he recognized me..).
    We never shared contacts I don't know why, we just thoughts if we needed to meet we'll just log on WoW, we were always there so why share socials, life caught up and I stopped logging in, got into college and had to stop playing, my main rdruid name was 'Warswizard'.

    This is kinda desperate but I lose nothing trying if anyone played with him or knows him please contact me :).

  2. Damn. Take this bump up, lets help this man find his lost pal.

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