1. Auto leveling guild

    Hello everyone,

    Have new players automatically join a guild when they make a characted called <Starter Guild>

    I believe that this will help increase player activity and fun experience.

    Sometimes players quit due the fact of feeling bored or simply not making progress in the pace they wish too.

    This way we always have a leveling guild and place with different (easier) ways for new players to social interact and play together.

    Also forming groups helps speeding up the leveling process.

    I was just thinking about this spontaniously and thought to share it with you guys.

    I think there should be something to help new players and make sure they still have the possibility to easily enjoy the game and it's content.

    I think that the majority almost has reached endgame and it sometimes breaks the motivation of new players, RDF is a struggle to queue with and BG has the majority of endgame players as well.

    What do you guys think?



  2. Just imagine that there is <Starter Guild> under your name, same effect.

    And I don't get it, what exactly this would help with? Players find and join guilds, teams, premades, raids, etc as they wish. Everything is happening. New players struggle because they cant open their mouth and find 4 more dudes like them to que RDFs with and play enjoyable game.

    If you want such a thing, create that guild and spam mass invites. Just remember, guilds that invite you without even talking to you are not worth to be in. And guild like you want - there have been many like that. Every single one of them are comparable to rectum with all the despicable and disgusting things in it. Exactly like this <Starter Guild> would be.

  3. Hello,

    I think this feature would literally have the opposite effect. WoW ( at least in the early days ) was / is about starting alone with nobody to count on except yourself, and the huge yet nostalgic fun experience comes from working your up, interacting with other players, making new friends, discovering every little detail.

    I'd also like to add that people who start playing on servers like Warmane or any other private server usually have some WoW experience, so they pretty much know what they're getting into without needing any help. Many people try retail first and get bored / fed up, so they start looking for other alternatives. Another case is the huge playerbase that just simply played wotlk back in 2008 and seek some nostalgic vibes, want to see how's the gameplay on private WotLK realms.

    Of course it's pretty common to meet actual newbies who are completely new to the whole mmorpg genre. It is indeed true that it might be a little hard for them to work their way up on a realm that has had the same expansion for over 10 years. But it also gives them extreme advantages like being able to earn 3-4k gold / hour with literally any gathering proff cuz of the 10 year old economy ( gold squishes included ). ( I'm talking about Icecrown here, mostly ). Any new player can easily reach lvl 80 without ever entering RDFs or BGs. After that, you just spam BGs or grind gold to buy gear to get into HCs and you're pretty much set. Getting into a decent guild will take time tho, obviously. On a x7 realm it feels amazing to quest and progress at a quick pace. It keeps you in motion. Of course players can always modify this rate to x1 if they want some real hardcore leveling going on, but at this point, just go and play on Lordaeron.

    Long story short, I think this would greatly impact the already not-so-great Blizzlike experience here on Warmane in a negative way. Come on, this game is not about getting every bit of help and assist as soon as you create your first character. It's already pretty damn easy on x7 rates and with quests being shown on the map. Back in 2004 everyone s*cked at WoW, nobody knew what opportunities they had in Azeroth and this is exactly what made it amazing. You had to read every quest word by word. If you did all of them, you were the true Loremaster, not like these dayz when it's doable in 2 weeks with 5 addons.

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