1. Crossfaction in openworld

    I wish to know how work the crossfaction in openworld area. With friend we recently start playing on frostwolf, and we are ganked by our own faction in time lost isle for exemple. It look like they can pass from friendly to ennemy short time lapse (relogging, or something). I want to understand how it work, and if this is allowed or an abusing of crossfaction bg/rdf system.
    Edited: September 7, 2021

  2. There is an item related to the island that makes you hostile to the guards there, your own faction and the enemy faction. The item is called a Censer of Eternal Agony and you can buy it from an NPC on the island.
    by the way, that only works inside the island and not outside of it.

  3. Oh, I really appreciate that you made it clear
    I feel a little stupid but as i said, we just starting on this expension, and it was really surprising

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