1. What class/spec should I choose as a new player?

    Hello everyone! I am a new WoW player and I found this server recently (I have zero experience on wow) and I was wondering what class/spec should I pick as my first character ever. I mainly focus for PvE. What are some of the strongest specs in the game? Thank you in advance!

  2. I suggest you to pick paladin at first, it's so easy to play with and is useful with valuable buffs, utility. If you wanna ask some more info or even play with me feel free to contact me on discord - Rokas#8504.

  3. Ty so much I am adding you buddy :)

  4. First figure out if u wanna tank/dps/heal and then someone can tell you what are the strong options for that role.

  5. Don't play paladin there is way too many paladins already. tank spec is not recommended for beginners. choose a simple dps spec that will do
    best in end game content : fury war
    also fury war is not only best dps in game when bis but also easiest to play. 1 button dps will do.

  6. I have rolled human paladin as my first character and it was a great choice. I have realized that I like PvP and human is the best PvP race, in PvE I started as retri which is easy to play and then offspeced protection and I must say I love tanking (also it's much easier to find spot in RDF or raid as a tank). I don't play heal yet but I know that holy paladin is absolute beast in both PvP and PvE. The versatility/utility is great, only downside is that there are already a lot of paladins (it's the most played class). But warriors have the same problem (it's the second most played class) and there is a lot of competition for raid spots.

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