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    Got no answer from support

    I created ticket Sep 14, 2021 on warmane website about our trusted player which account was hacked and many items from our guild bank was stolen... After 3 days without answer i send e-mail to [email protected].

    Today is 22.9 and still I got no answer or any reaction. So i want to ask what is time to response for ticket for "Premium members" or e-mail? I'll be glad even for information that they are gonna look at it ...

    I may be impatient, but it's about things worth tens of thousands of gold ... So if there is any chance of getting more informations or help, i'll be glad for it.

    Thank you - Guild master of Kurevsky odpor k praci (Lordaeron)

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    up to a week is normal. being premim does nothing about that, you get to use tickets instead of email and thats all. sending a ticket and an email just might make them push you back for being impatient. account security is on this trusted player of yours, should be sure they are careful before trusting them. anything that was stolen, be it from his account or your guild bank, wont be restored so your hurry in getting a reply is pointless.

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    The only possible outcome is that the player in question will be banned, you won't be getting gold or items back, only items bought with coins are eligible for restoration.
    If the guild mate really did get his account compromised then they could track down the actual thief but even then they'll just ban his real account and you're not getting your items back.
    Only thing you can do it wait for a reply, posting on the forums doesn't really speed those sorts of things up.

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    My ingame tickets was usually solved from 2 to 3 days, so according to the desription on the warmane forum ("Faster support for contributors who support us! :D"), I expected that the problem would be solved sooner. If this is a normal time limit, I apologize for the rush. I just wanted to know, that someone will check it :)

    But if they won't return any items from our guild bank, it is sad, because I dont't have tools to check our guild members real security settings... We can just trust tham.
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    If it has been over a week, they have most likely already read your ticket and might be investigating it. But you most likely won't get the items back. To prevent it from happening again, it would be safer if all officers of the guild had 2FA enabled for both website and ingame login so nobody can log in even if they obtain the password.

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    faster than email by using tickets that non donors cant use. the problems support solve arent solved by tickets in game.

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    Hello, tomorrow it will be a month since I sent the email and wrote the ticket here on the warmane website. I don't know how in other countries, but to ignore someone and at least not write that you looked at it, I consider it rude and this approach disappointed me a lot.

    Could I again ask someone from the support team to check my ticket / e-mail?

  8. 4 Days Ago  
    It was probably ignored because you made a ticket for nothing. As it was said several times in this thread, you won't get anything back. It even says so in the rules which you clearly didn't bother reading.

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    Well, you're saying it was a useless ticket and that's why they ignored me. But as an average player, I don't know that unnecessary tickets are ignored, so I expect a minimal answer even if it sounds like they can't help me. Ignoring someone is just rude. That's why I'm still waiting for an answer and all I got are players, which defending server.

    Still if i can't recive my items back, they can check if our player told me the truth and if it was really hacker ... (They can check this hacker, ban him etc....)
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    But staff has nothing to do with your guild vault management and security neglect. It's like complaining to tractor manufacturer that someone stole your green peas because you left your door open.

  11. 4 Days Ago  
    So the solution is to have rights only at my characters? This is not a solution, we are spinning in circles - i explained it before, please let the support team comment.
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    So the solution is to have rights only at my characters? This is not a solution, we are spinning in circles - i explained it before, please let the support team comment.
    It's a within a guild issue, thus Warmane isn't keen/willing (or have no obligation) to interfere.

    The person either stole from guild bank, or he was "hacked". It doesn't really matter. This is why you carefully select people who can access what in guild bank, if any.

    Few options:
    a) He stole, but how would you prove it? Guild logs only show a bit of what happened, they don't show if he was allowed to do it or not. He had clearance to do it anyway. Items won't be given back.
    b) He was "hacked", but what would follow? The items won't be given back by the staff. The "hacked" player would be responsible for his account's safety, so on top of being hacked, and he'd be banned if stealing from the guild was against rules on top of it. Not a good day for him.

    Considering you haven't gotten answer yet, you could try re-sending the email.

  13. 4 Days Ago  
    Since you need an official response, yeah, as it has been said by other members. we do not restore items lost/stolen/ninja'ed. Only items adquired by donations are qualified for restoration. Also, if we detect abuse of the system, limits may be applied. This is the answer you will get from Support. Iachim16.

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