1. Show dots above the nameplate

    Hello there,

    I'm trying to force my tidy plates (have threat plates also) to show my living bomb timer above the name plate, cause I'm using mouseover macro. However, it starts to show the debuff tracker only after I choose mt target directly, so not showing the debuff after the dot was landed with mouseover. Actually I'm interested only in LB, just to not renew it before the burst. I'm ok with using other addons or ways.
    Any advices?

  2. there is an addon "PlateBuff". You need to do some change in order to show just 1 dot (by default it tracks a lot of debuff)

    Here is the official version for wotlk: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addon...s/files/524932
    Here a backported version (so it works on wotlk) from the latest retail version available https://github.com/bkader/PlateBuffs_WoTLK

  3. Thanks for the reply.
    I've tried a few addons and every of them is bad.
    Tidy plates (threat plates, neon, etc) is not showing debuff if it was landed by mouseover, but this is not a big deal. The problem is that its almost impossible to target a mob if plates overlapping is not allowed, cause the plates are "jumping" from side to side. Obviously cause mobs just stick on a tank. And if the overlapping is allowed its impossible to target a mob cause of overlapping lol.
    Plate buffs - the same thing, but also it stops showing debuffs for 1-2 seconds dometimes.
    Dotimer woulb be great if it would be possible to target mob via that addon, but it seems it is impossible due to limitation of enemy frames (i mean there is no addon to add more enemy frames except the enemy and focus, not speaking about gladius). ForteXorcist is almost the same if speaking about dot tracking.
    So basically u are clicking by mouse trying to reach the jumping frame and losing time or use /targetenemy and /targetlasttarget hoping to get that exact mob on which the dot is expired.

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