1. Realm faction balance and class distribution

    Hello guys sorry in advance if this is a frequently asked question, but I'd like to know if there is a way to get some info about the accurate faction balance and class distribution on the Lordaeron server? I'd like to start playing here again but I don't really know which class to play or on which side.

    Thank you!

  2. faction balance: https://www.warmane.com/information (mouseover on the graphs)

    Class distribution: Nope

  3. HORDE side only

    Druid 8 %
    Hunter 12 %
    Mage 9 %
    Priest 7 %
    Rogue 8 %
    Warlock 7
    Warrior 12 %
    Paladin 12 %
    Shaman 11 %
    DK 8 %

    Dont know specs or more info like that, but as usual healers and tanks are less then the other specs in general.
    Data taken after seeing around 10.000 characters. Included all levels around when using my search, not only level 80.

  4. This is from frostmourne all taken at the same time, website states 45 to 55 ally horde balance, which is clearly not true given that alliance side has 4 -5 active guilds total.
    Warmane has "tried" to fix this by giving 3x more exp rate to alliance which is not fixing anything, instead they could add something like racial switch regardless of your race which im sure will fix this ridiculous situation.

    At this point if you are wondering what faction to play and you want to be able to join raids at any time, you should pick horde.

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