1. Restore Character problems

    My character got buged, I sent a ticket and I had no response, I deleted it to see if when it was restored it was fixed, not even 30 minutes have passed and it tells me that it has a cost of 10 coins. in the description it says that during the first 2 days it can be restored at no cost

  2. free restoration has 7 days cooldown

    Btw what kind of issue have your character got?

  3. internal LFG error, i cant find any group, ppl cant inv me and i cant inv ppl

  4. all you had to do was type

    /script LeaveParty()

    but now you have to pay 10 coins ha

  5. why if in service description sais "- Characters are eligible for no-cost restore within a 2 day grace period after deletion"

  6. What angrylol said, try: /script LeaveParty()

    Otherwise write a ticket

  7. You can also restore using vote points if you have any, I think it costs 10 points.

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