1. Lordaeron community compared to Icecrown

    Hello, question for the people who played on both realms, is the community on Lordaeron better than on Icecrown in your opinion and why.

  2. I haven't played on Icecrown but from what I've heard, Lordaeron's community is better. Hope that helps.

  3. Hello,I have played on both realms starting on Lordareon up to 80 and the people are amazing with small incidents sometimes but overall people were pretty helpful when asking in global for some help or minor questions (speaking only for alliance side dont know the horde side).From 80 in heroics and raids you find 1 scumbag here and there but as I said Lordareon has a fine community.Now,I only played on Icecrown on Horde side up to level 58 so I cant say much about it.Grinding up to 58,I met some people who were total *******s in RageFire Chasm the starting dungeon on level 15.Some wanting to rush and wiping the whole group.Usually they were the ones who had heirlooms pulling more than the tank can handle and then trashtalking him why he can't keep agro, this was something that happened sometimes,many who were impatient,but is not all bad I met some nice people who were helping low level players (and I dont mean boosting),some gold for starters was nice thing.This rush fest is not healthy for the overwall experience in my opinion especially for new players.Hope this helps.

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