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    agility vs crit scaling

    Like in the topic, I cant find any info about how these 2 stats differ for dk, or are they exactly the same? Meaning, would using 20 agi gems be the same as using 20 crit gems?

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    Using "Horn of winter" and dividing bonus crit vs equiping any str+crit item and diving bonus crit is considered quantum physics nowadays? Or just using two different foods of + 40 agi/crit?
    Or making 10 seconds long google search?

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    Check out DK guides. There's info about stats for sure.

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    According to the documentation of the addon Ratingbuster, it takes 62,5 agility for 1% crit on dk. As with crit it takes 45,91 rating per 1% on every class. Dk don't get attackpower from Agility either. Won't say the documentation is 100% reliable as I see the addon has been under development throughout cataclysm expansion. Did view the character sheet on some of my toons and it was close enough except for druid, but it might have been due to some changes druids went through on cata.

    So yeah, to answer your question crit>agility. Wouldn't use +21crit rating meta gem over 21 agi though. Check some of the guides posted.

    Here is the documentation I've been talking about.

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