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    Graphic issues

    Hey everyone,

    This morning I suddenly noticed my textures got all edgy and blurry when I moved around dalaran/icecrown (I assume it'd happen everywhere). I recently installed the new Nvidia driver and thought that might be causing it. I rolled back to my previous driver, but nothing changed. I thought it might be an addon causing it, so I manually checked every single addon. Turns out it wasn't an addon related issue. I then made a backup of my entire WTF/Interface folder and downloaded a new client from a different website. I copied my WTF/Interface folder into the new client's main map, but the issue was still there.. After hours of swearing and sweating I downloaded a fresh copy of the warmane client, left it untouched and booted up the game: the issue was gone! I spent another 30 minutes trying to figure out which file was causing the issue, since I didn't feel like redoing my entire UI/binds/macros. Finally figured out all I had to do was replace the "config" file in my WTF folder with a fresh one!

    TL;DR If you're having graphical issues, try replacing the "config" file in your WTF folder before touching anything else

    Hope this might save someone some time/frustration


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    I had the same issue with the Geforce Game Ready Driver 496.13 update, I followed your instructions but didn't work, then just rollback the driver update and everything works fine now.

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