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    fps drop

    hello , i just back to play this game after stop playing it for 4 years,
    but i just faced a problem , first i'm getting 50 fps everywhere ( v-sync off and other settings in low) this makes my fps 50 and not dropping as well
    but in some places like org when i look at a lot of players in the same time my fps drops to 16 which is very laggy
    i'm just wondering if there is something to disable players models animations like the skins animation stuff which will be very helpfull.

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  3. 4 Days Ago  
    sorry for late reply, i just was trying to find any thing to fix the fps drop
    first i'm getting 50 fps all the time but in org and dalaran when i look to a lot of players i get 16 fps
    and the provided topics was not helpfull at all , i just hope there is any addon to disable some players animation stuff like skins animation and overlock horse fire animation , if there is no solution i will just give up .

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