1. Prat and Chatter chat addons, dont work for me.

    Even though they show up under the red addons-button before logging char in-to the game, they seem invisible to me in-game. Slash commands /prat and /chatter give no result but for the default "Type 'help' for listing of a few commands."

    Any tips ?

    NVM, it does work now.
    Edited: October 13, 2021

  2. Can u tell me if u fixed it? I have the same problem but only with Prat.

  3. Its Chatter I have working now.

    What I did ? Not so sure =)
    I downloaded it one more time, or twice, and maybe copy-pasted the yellow folders somewhat differently into my addons folder.
    In game the addon responded to me typing /chatter.

    Dont know more than this.

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