1. Arena points

    Hello there, let me start by apologizing for writing this even tho i know message has been forwarded, not that i care much but still.

    This topic is about Flush on Frostmourne that was supposed to happen on friday and yet it didnt.
    Why is that we still dont know, we asked gms in-game they said they are dealing with issue and that we should be patient.
    Okay fine, we are patient.
    Why did we recieve only 1 flush on monday tho? Isnt it just safe to give us 2 flushes and continue like nothing happen, im sorry i just dont see logic here.
    We are struggling to get our gear here on frostmourne yet on Blackrock you can just login and get free gear...
    Where is the logic?
    And no i am not writing on bugtracker because nobody from GMs even checks it anymore.
    Thanks for your time reading this and give us our arena points already.

  2. It's been a week - Can we maybe get an update on what will happen to the missing arena points from last Thursday's flush?
    I can imagine it's very hard (and harder the longer time passes and more games are played) to find out exactly how many points should be given out to everyone with an arena team and played games on Frostmourne at the time of last Thursday's flush, but at the same time it's frustrating and demoralizing to play arenas knowing that Blackrock players are an entire flush ahead of us (now that it's been one whole week), and many now have key items like Solace, DV, weapons, etc. while many Frostmourne players barely have been able to purchase a main set piece of Relentless yet.

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