1. Unable to learn heavy frostweave bandage


    Anyone know how I can learn up heavy frostweave bandage if the item refuse to drop from over 2k mobs? Ive been hardfarming DTK and likewise stuff ive seen it drop for others but i can't roll on it.

    My char used to be on Cata realm I actually forgot name of it maybe it was Deathwing. But when that shut down and my char got xfered to icecrown something in my first aid conflicted. I've got 3 tickets answered but not gotten any help at all. So I guess I have to ask community if you know of any other ideas than deleting cache xd

    Sick of selling all cloths on AH to buy bandages :(((

    Can provide any sort of screenshots anything to help me sort this mess

    Best regards Kawa

  2. Just go to dungeons. Final bosses from regular HCs drop this manual.

  3. If you've seen it drop and you can't roll on it there's likely a bug that occured during your transfer crippling your First Aid. And I don't think GMs will be able to fix it if you ask them in a ticket. Best you can do is open a bugtracker report but don't expect to have it fixed within a few months, cause of rarity of the issue it'll likely take them years to fix.
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  4. I have the same problem on multiple chars.
    I did 20+ HC dungeons with no drop plus every spot i found on forums.

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