1. Also you do understand its 3% and 10% of a server my understanding it doesn't reward you based on the crossrealm groups. Icecrowners have lower pool of arena players and thus lower requirements.
    Lower arena pool means higher requirements.

  2. Guess his rating qualified him, don't see where the problem in that is. How exactly did you figure ~1727 is not in those 2 categories?
    So lets say for some reason you are right which i highly doubt and that 1k8 is top 10% of icecrown in 2s...but hey he also got rival which they give for top 3% so you really think 1k8 is top 3 % of 2s on icecrown :D ?

  3. My mistake , saw it now rival for 10% and duelist 3%

  4. My mistake , saw it now rival for 10% and duelist 3%
    Was Looking 3s luls i gotta get off work im starting to go bananas ...so yea top 3% rival i wrote it good afterall

  5. no worries mate i'm banana mode myself :D There might be an issue with the top 1 rewards from what i managed to get as information, but since it doesn't really affect me can't say anything more.

  6. If it was up to me I would delete all titles. Fresh start for everybody to get rid of those fake gladiators back from molten and bought toons from warmane's trade. Cheers

  7. I was Rank1 2015 in 2s. Got gladiator titel. Wich is now removed. is that fair ?

  8. not fair for people who paid for titles because those who bought pve titles like my friend he keeps it and pvp titles deleted just saying waste of coins since we had same toons without the titles reason we spent coins was because of those titles

  9. get rid of bought toons from warmane's trade. Cheers
    not fair for people who paid for titles
    Lol, 2 sides of the coin.

  10. Lost my rank 1 gladiator titel also. WHY !?

  11. any update about "Supreme" titles?
    Will they be restored?
    (theoretically their deletion was a mistake since http://forum.warmane.com/showthread....=1#post3119827 )

  12. @Proterean
    SoloQ Gladiator titles were not awarded, at least with Blackrock and Icecrown, see video proof for me on both realms (r4 + r6) and Pogleah from Blackrock (r5).

    Blackrock : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wstm...nnel=Pacifical
    Icecrown : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dexu...nnel=Pacifical
    Saved archive of the end of season SoloQ ladder :
    Quoting myself because I can't find the edit post button, I also got proof from Drdeepcover who was r2 Icecrown, we also didn't get the titles below Gladiator like it is usually done with season rewards to complete the character achievements :
    I'm still waiting for SoloQ Gladiator titles to be awarded as well, it has been multiple weeks since the season ended.

  13. Why did i lose my Rank 1 Gladiator? Were group of people who donate thousonds of euros to this realm and will continue to do so but this is just funny costumer service. You say u dont ramove r1 tittle and answer is to watch this thread return gladiators to rank 1.

  14. Same for me Donated over 1k Euro and i get no answer for my Ticket i wait now 3 Month

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