1. 1 Week Ago  

    Problem with quest

    Yooooo I need help. I cant find quest for ress as pala Tome of Divinity. I searched in goldshire and in stormwind but nothing, later I found another person with the same problem i dont know what to do

  2. 5 Days Ago  
    Same problem for me too in Ironforge. I created a Ticket in-game + website.

  3. 5 Days Ago  
    same problem with me. duthorian rall not giving me the tome of divinity quest, only tome of valor and i already completed it just now but still not tome of divinity quest. already done with the starter quest that begins with the guy at goldshire

  4. 3 Days Ago  
    Have same problem here ... any solution ?
    I Whait for answer in ticket :/

  5. 3 Days Ago  
    It's possible you've done part of the quest series, and then abandoned it. So your quest giver might actually be in another place.

    Check the quest series for NPC's, and visit the said NPC's to see if you have to continue the quest from there:

    If this doesn't help, or you couldn't find where the NPC; Write an in-game ticket and explain the situation. Ticket response may take few days.

    Do note it might be low level quest, so track low level quests.

  6. 3 Days Ago  
    i met someone ingame with the same issue, and he apparently made a new paladin, levelled it up to 12, and still couldnt get nor finish the tome of divinity quest series. pls mods help, no one likes to party with a res-less pala :'(

  7. 1 Day Ago  
    Why arent the Mods paying atention? almost a week since OP posted the issue.

  8. 1 Day Ago  
    We are. The fact it hasn't been deleted five days ago and the poster given a warning to post bug reports in the Bug Tracker, which is the default procedure, was solely to give other players a chance to pitch in if they had been in the same situation and found a solution.

  9. 1 Day Ago  
    Why arent the Mods paying atention? almost a week since OP posted the issue.
    Moderators aren't the ones fixing the game.

    There are several bugtracker reports about the quest (series). Keep your tabs on those.

  10. 1 Day Ago  
    just a quick update: sent an ingame ticket and after a few days a GM replied and helped me get back on track with the questline and everything went smooth.

  11. 13 hours ago  

    Quest bug

    Ayo, i am a human paladin lvl 28, first time playing wow, i wanna do the redemption quest line and i think i dropped the quest by accident, i went back to the paladin trainer at moonshire and the dude at the cathedral and both dont have my quest, i dont have the book that im suppose to use to continue too.
    I enabled low lvl quests and looked around for a quest called "the tome of divinity" but still didnt find it.

    Elp :)

  12. 13 hours ago  
    Quest is not bugged for sure. Abandon that quest where you stuck at and re-take the quest.

  13. 13 hours ago  

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