1. Coming back from Retail (former prot pala in wotlk)

    My name is Dominic I am 29 years old.

    I keep it brief:
    I started with WoW in TBC with my best time in Wotlk.
    Lately I played Retail (BFA and Shadowlands) but due to my family I have now and my dog
    I am looking for something more relaxing (like faster Leveling).
    Also I don't like Retail atm and most of the people playing it.

    In Wotlk-times I played a prot pala.
    Right now I am leveling a disci priest. After that I will probably go back to
    revive my prot pala as the next char.

    If there are any guilds in need of heals or tanks just text me.
    I am more interested in HCs rather than raids because of my often limitied gaming time.

    Have a nice day guys,


  2. Hope you have fun here. Check guild recruitment subforum of the realm you play on, you might find something there.

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