1. 3 Days Ago  

    Disconnected from Server

    hello everyone! ive just joined the server but every time i try and load the game up i keep getting Disconnected from Server.. any ideas? thank you :D

  2. 2 Days Ago  
    im having the same issue. scrolling through forum trying to find a fix.

  3. 2 Days Ago  
    Same issue here, I even get disconnected in the queue.

    Edit: Seems like I've found the reason I'm getting disconnected. I'm using a powerline adapter to get internet to my PC and the link between the powerline adapter from my router to my PC has for some reason started to become unstable, so everytime the powerline adapter slows down I seems to get disconnected.

    TL:DR My ****ty powerline adapter isn't working properly.
    Edited: 1 Day Ago

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