1. 2 Days Ago  

    Banned for no reason!!!

    I just got banned for doing absolutely nothing wrong.
    all I did was accidentally logging into the warmane site with vpn on.
    I was scrolling thru facebook with vpn cause facebook is banned in my country.
    But after that I forgot to turn it off and logged into the site and it said your ip has been suspended for advertising. ​
    I was just having a good time and I've never ever done anything bannable cause.

  2. 2 Days Ago  
    You know if you walk into a bank and cause an alarm because you didn't take your mask off after wearing it for a random thing you're also responsible for that.

    I'm aware it's just a buttonpress - but next time you might remember it. Nobody is responsible for facebook being banned in your country/you trying to justify the use of a vpn.

    Send a mail to [email protected] and explain your situation. You should get unbanned without further issue.


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