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    I try a lot of free VPNs to reduce my ping and got this "Your IP Address has been terminated due to Advertising"
    I still can play, but cant use services in "My Account".

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    Ok then, anyway I cant create Support Ticket what is written in that thread
    >Support is unavailable due to an IP Ban that exists on this account.
    The reason for the ban is Advertising.

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    If the option for a ban appeal doesn't show for you, that more than likely means you landed on a banned IP. That happens a lot with people who try using VPNs, since those services often have been used repeatedly to break our rules and try to get around bans. So, while you personally didn't do anything to earn a ban directly, your account still tried to use banned means to log in - again, bans always have a reason. On this case you should send an email to [email protected] instead and, if that was really the case, your ban will be lifted.

    How much did you glance at, because if you read it a bit, you'll know how to proceed.

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