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    You don't think I contribute anything official? You are sorely mistaken. You choosing to take that as an insult to your intelligence says a lot more about you than it does me.
    Tell me where you pulled this information from.
    As mentioned before, I know there's working being done 'in the shadows' however information is not reaching the players via Official Channels. But you chose to ignore this information.
    A key principal of my job, as a front liner, is documentation. If there are complaints towards any of our duties, a well documented situation proves a much more useful weapon, than going around looking for the people involved, at what time and place, towards whom was the offence/misconduct.
    'If it's not documented, it never happened, and thus cannot be held legally'.

    As far as the insult goes, it should just show you how messed up communication channels are, at present.
    The way you wrote, and chose to ignore specifically expressed points in this conversation, and throw yourself out there, as the victim, when I clearly stated my opinion, based on the information I have. Information which you contributed nothing to, as you've never directly approach me, nor do I intend to, the things seem at the moment. Sorry, but not sorry.

    If you've been doing great things, or just things in general, to improve Frostwolf, splendid.
    My thoughts remain the same. Warmane's Facebook Page, Reddit Section, Youtube Channel (apart from some private videos, no longer available to the public) and Twitch Channel present the players with no information regarding the plans and works on the realm. The only 2 great means we have, currently, are either Bugtracker, which as I mentioned is not comforting for the most part, and the Forums, where a lot is said, but sadly not about Frostwolf's future.
    Now don't judge a book you don't know, just because you have a draft saved in your drawer regarding the same subject.
    I'm not seeking your approval, nor anyone else's, for that matter.
    I'm also not looking for any sympathy, words of advise or to have people misreading or putting words in my mouth (in this case, words on the tips of my fingers).
    I've mentioned transparency some time ago, and I'll mention it now.
    If Staff is unwilling to post on Forums, out of fear, lack of confidence, or any other justifiable reason, I don't see a reason to push away the few that do, and go as far as insult them. I don't do that, so I'd appreciate you'd take the same principle towards the few players that happen to be in the same situation/boat.

    If you're looking to be informed about psychology, and psychoanalysis, may I suggest theories and investigations by the acclaimed Sigmund Freud.
    On a deeper level, in regards to people's drives and emotions, I'd suggest a good paper by Jaak Panksepp.

    I believe you do not currently hold more useful information for this topic, unless there's more you'd like to share.
    And if I hadn't done it before, thank you for the following:
    Reiterating some known info on upcoming projects;
    - A huge phasing overhaul is on the way. This will open doors to other fixes, but also will free up time to work on other fixes as well.
    - Huge incoming questing/leveling overhaul. This might seem like a minor detail for established players, but to get new players, it helps a lot when the leveling experience is smooth. The process will start with key starter zones that really need it badly, and work upward from there.


    New information regarding things that are being worked on;
    - Next chapter for the legendary cloak will be released soon (it is being worked on as we speak), and the one after that (the finale and SoO polishing).
    - Huge database rework is in progress which includes things like gossip functions, quests, phasing and more. Many community members may not see this point as important to them, but enables a lot of other fixes and improves the general smoothness and quality of the experience. This will further improve the experience of everyone, but most importantly, the new players that we (staff and community) aim to capture and keep.


    Additional points;
    - The Order of the Cloud Serpent and The Tillers are getting some attention. These may be of interest to some players. Farmville + mounts.
    - Several zones in Northrend have gotten a rework. Namely Icecrown, Storm Peaks and Howling Fjord.

  2. Tell me where you pulled this information from.
    Directly from what I quoted. It could be interpreted a couple of ways, but none of them good.
    But you chose to ignore this information.
    I don't know why you keep taking my direct responses to quotes as sweeping statements, or why you keep making attacks on my character, but I'm not going to engage you any further. This is a waste of our time.

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