Hey guys !

I am coming back on wotlk after a long break (3-4 years). I have multiple LOD (w/o buff) - TOGC 25 50 try - RS 25 HC - Yogg Saron 0 keeper on my CV. I did it with all the roles (Tank: Pal - Drud-Dk-War / Heal: Rsham-Hpal / Melee: Ret-War / Range: Lock-Mage-Mk-Sp-Hunt). My main class was Rsham and I'm coming back with it now. My sham is actually 4.8k, but I'm gonna gear very fast. http://armory.warmane.com/character/...ecrown/summary

Here is some screenshots I could find from my long wotlk journey to proof I was playing all these classes even if some are missing:

During my break I started playing on official servers at the Shadowland release, which I reached the HOF at Castle Nathria with some good individual performances (as you can see on my screenshots). I can also provide videos during the progress if needed.
I want to prepare as good as I can the wotlk classic release by farming the content with multiple characters so I will be able to play any class for my guild at the release.

Screenshots of my performances:
https://imgur.com/dxy6MyN (at 1% to be in top 10 world)
https://imgur.com/tVAOTzo (top 10 EU during progress)
https://imgur.com/HusgUAj (general UI)

I am looking for a guild that is farming the content and not looking for 6.3k people to kill LK 25 hC with buff lol.

Feel free to add me on discord if you have any question !